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Carol Flack: a chemical engineer by training, Carol started her career in manufacturing and quickly developed a life-long passion for this aspect of engineering. Carol credits her decision to become an engineer to a proactive high school Math teacher and the opportunity she was given to tour Bell Labs in eleventh grade. At Bell Labs Carol met several women engineers and she was hooked!

Considering the influence of mentoring on her life, it is no surprise that Carol would now like to provide that same mentoring to young adults in high school.

Paul Flack: another chemical engineer by training. Paul has always had a strong interest in the environment. He obtained a chemical engineering degree and a minor degree in civil engineering, the two degrees combined was the closest thing to an 'environmental engineering' degree that was available at the time.

Paul is also a world class athlete and the father of two technically talented children. Paul credits his decision to become a chemical engineer to two things:
- he spent many, many hours as a young child playing with the Girder and Panel, Bridge and Turnpike, and Hydrodynamic building sets and
- his Dad was a brilliant chemical engineer who frequently took Paul into his research lab and on tours of the pilot plant.

Paul loved the Girder and Panel building sets as a child and it is no surprise that he is passionate about making these products available to future generations of engineers and architects - Paul and Carol's two children included!




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