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Did You Know ?

About Kenner Products

* Kenner Products introduced building sets numbered 1 to 33 from 1957 to 1964. Kenner called these building sets:
    Girder and Panel™
    Bridge and Turnpike™

* Set number one contained red columns and beams, a green masonite base, and brown and orange panels which were vacu-formed. These sets also contained two types of roof panels, one was flat the other had four little bubbles in it.

* The Hydrodynamic sets (#11 and #12) were introduced in 1961 and sold until 1963.

* Kenner's building sets were featured in the Sears Christmas "Wishbook" in the 1960s.


  Click here to view old catalog pages and advertisements for the Girder and Panel products from the 1960s.
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