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Make Your Own Panels!


Our newest product ....

Would you like to be able to build your structure and then design your own side panels? If so, this set of "Make Your Own Panels" is for you.

The kit includes ten sheets of cardstock paper, size 8.5" x 11". Each sheet contains 8 perforated panels that you can design and then punch out and hang on the side of your structure.

The panels can be designed by hand with crayons, color pencils, or markers. Or the panels can be designed on your personal computer using most popular drawing and graphic programs. The cardstock sheets are appropriate for ink jet printers and can be used on laser printers if the laser printer has a multi-purpose tray for feeding cardstock. Cardstock is a thicker paper than normal computer paper.

Listed below are templates for several popular word processing, drawing, and graphics programs to help you get started. If you use a program not listed below and need a template, please drop us an email and we'll see if we can help you!

    Microsoft Word Document (.doc)
    Paint (.bmp)
    Adobe Photoshop (.jpg)
    Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
    The Print Shop (.sig)
    Microsoft PowerPoint (.pot)
    Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)


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